New hardware for 6

We have new hardware for So several services of have moved to a new server. The most important services have already been enabled again.

Git clone:
git clone git://

Web: – git web interface – libssh documentation – testing infrastructure – redmine installation (soon)

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6 thoughts on “New hardware for

  • Francesco Pretto

    Thanks, fortunately they were not so many! Good work 🙂

    P.S.: I recently installed Redmine on an ubuntu 10.04. I first tried using the ubuntu package: it was a waste of time (git integration not working and bad conformance to Rails way of running webapps). I ended using ubuntu dependencies and official 1.04 redmine package.

  • gladiac Post author

    I’ve just done a quick look. I plan to create a rpm package. Debian has created a patch to run multiple instances with one installation. That’s what I prefer, a single point of installation. It makes updating the source a lot of easier.

  • Francesco Pretto

    That’s the policy of Debian and applies to many webapps (I remember ubuntu phpbb doing the same). The problem is: this is often unsupported by the creator of the application. So when you encounter a problem during installation (and for webapps this happens often…) it’s often a distro problem. Good luck! 🙂

  • gladiac Post author

    I really hope that something like that will get upstream. I really don’t like it if I have to maintain several installations of redmine.