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RE: Re Negotiation

It has been implemented.  Here's an email from Aris Adamantiadis on 23 Dec 2012:


I'm probably a few months too late, but I've pushed a patch on master that implements key re-exchange and should fix your problem.

It was not trivial at all !

(please comment on the bug issue if you have an account)



From: Spark War [mailto:sparkofwar@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2013 8:31 PM
To: libssh@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re Negotiation

I have been working on a sftp server and libssh has been great but I am now having an issue the channel im using crashes after about a gig now through some searching I found ssh does a renegotiation every gig of data so that has to be whats causing it.

I have dug around and found this thread about a year ago http://www.libssh.org/archive/libssh/2012-05/0000008.html saying that libssh does not support key re-exchange right now :(

Is there any updates to this or workarounds I could do maybe specify something to tell it not to need a re key exchange or something?

Thanks for the great library.

Re NegotiationSpark War <sparkofwar@xxxxxxxxx>
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