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Re: Multithreading with libssh

Hi Simon,

You have no guaranty that the SSH server will allow 1500 concurrent
sessions, actually you're very likely to hit the user process number
limit. You will need to serialize all these jobs into a limited amount
of sessions, e.g. using GNU Parallels on the server side.

To answer your initial question, threading will not work because of the
limitation you have mentioned. It is possible to solve this problem
using ssh_poll objects and asynchronous programming. That's more
complicated than with threads.


Le 26/09/2019 à 14:26, Simon Moselewski a écrit :
> Problem is: You can only run one ssh_channel_request_exec per Channel.
> So I need 1500 channels. I would like to Open them as simultaneously
> as possible to Save time.

Multithreading with libsshSimon Moselewski <s.moselewski@xxxxxxxx>
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Re: Multithreading with libsshSimon Moselewski <s.moselewski@xxxxxxxx>
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