KDE uses libssh

The KDE project uses libssh for their kio_sftp implementation now. The new kio slave based on libssh will be released with KDE 4.4.0. As the implementation works fairly well, openSUSE has backported the patches to their KDE 4.3 release which is available in the openSUSE Build Service and will be released with openSUSE 11.2. More features will be added as […]

libssh 0.3.4

This is a security and bugfix release of libssh. We had some crash bugs in the server code and a stack overflow in the agent code. We recommend to update to this version. This is the most stable version of libssh and should be the last of the 0.3 branch. If you are new to libssh read the tutorial how […]

libssh 0.3.3

This is the next bugfix release of libssh. Version 0.3.3 just fixes some bugs found during kio_sftp development which uses libssh now. We created a tutorial how to get started with libssh. Please join our mailing list or visit our irc channel if you have questions. You can download libssh 0.3.3 here along with a NSIS installer for Windows. Packages […]