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libssh 0.6.4 (Security and bugfix release)

This is an important SECURITY and maintenance release in order to address CVE-2014-8132 – Double free on dangling pointers in initial key exchange packet. libssh versions 0.5.1 and above could leave dangling pointers in the session crypto structures. It is possible to send a malicious kexinit package to eventually cause a server to do a double-free before this fix. This […]

libssh 0.6.1

We are happy to announce the first bugfix version of libssh 0.6. This version also provides some new functions and uses the openssh known_hosts heuristic to negotiate the cipher for key exchange. Thanks to all contributors! If you are new to libssh you should read our tutorial how to get started. Please join our mailing list or visit our irc […]

libssh 0.6.0

Ultimately the day has come that we can release libssh 0.6.0. This version has a lot of new features and we put a lot of effort into it to make it stable. The most important features are a callback based server API which is already in use by some projects. We added support for ECDSA and implemented key exchange! […]

libssh 0.5.5 3

This is another bugfix release of libssh version 0.5. If you are new to libssh read The Tutorial how to get started. Please join our mailing list or visit our irc channel if you have questions. You can download libssh 0.5.5 here. For Windows binaries we suggest to use the MSVC or MinGW binaries from the KDE Windows project here. […]