libssh 0.6.0

Ultimately the day has come that we can release libssh 0.6.0. This version has a lot of new features and we put a lot of effort into it to make it stable. The most important features are a callback based server API which is already in use by some projects. We added support for ECDSA and implemented key exchange! […]

libssh 0.6.0rc2 and GSSAPI

We would like to announce libssh 0.6.0rc2 with full GSSAPI support. Last week Simo Sorce and I planned a day to test libssh against FreeIPA and gssproxy. The gss-proxy protocol allows proxying of GSSAPI initiation and authentication to have isolation and privilege separation for user-mode applications. Well we worked 3 days on libssh and gss-proxy and fixed several bugs in […]

OpenSSH introduces key exchange ! 1

A while back, I introduced a new key exchange mechanism, “” in our code base. The reasons were explained together with the specifications. In a nutshell, this key exchange function is based on DJB’s Curve25519 elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This algorithm does not rely on NIST-based curves and gives us more security confidence against a possible backdoor in nistp-256 […]


libssh 0.6.0rc1 3

We are proud to announce the release of the first release candidate of libssh 0.6.0. We have rewritten a lot of code to provide a better API and added a lot of features. The most important changes are the new public key API, Kerberos support, ECDSA and ECDH support and the new callback based server support. If you are new […]