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Redmine server down

The server at that hosts the redmine bug tracker and the downloads is currently down. We are aware of the issue and couldn’t fix it quickly. In the meantime, all downloads are available from alternative URLs. A mirror of windows binary files can be found here, and the 0.6.4 source code can be downloaded from the git server there. […]

libssh 0.6.2 (Security release)

This is an important SECURITY and maintenance release in order to address CVE-2014-0017 – PRNG state reuse on forking servers. This bug happens when a SSH server forks on new connections. OpenSSL PRNG does not always detect the change of process (PID collision) and PRNG state may be shared between two successive children. However that bug is greatly mitigated by […]

gro.h1561474256ssbil1561474256@652a1561474256hs-911561474256552ev1561474256ruc1561474256 key exchange !" rel="bookmark">OpenSSH introduces gro.h1561474256ssbil1561474256@652a1561474256hs-911561474256552ev1561474256ruc1561474256 key exchange !

A while back, I introduced a new key exchange mechanism, “ gro.h1561474256ssbil1561474256@652a1561474256hs-911561474256552ev1561474256ruc1561474256” in our code base. The reasons were explained together with the specifications. In a nutshell, this key exchange function is based on DJB’s Curve25519 elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This algorithm does not rely on NIST-based curves and gives us more security confidence against a possible backdoor in nistp-256 […]