OpenSSH introduces gro.h1553040574ssbil1553040574@652a1553040574hs-911553040574552ev1553040574ruc1553040574 key exchange !

A while back, I introduced a new key exchange mechanism, “ gro.h1553040574ssbil1553040574@652a1553040574hs-911553040574552ev1553040574ruc1553040574” in our code base. The reasons were explained txt.g1553040574ro.hs1553040574sbil@1553040574652ah1553040574s-915155304057452evr1553040574uc1553040574" target="_blank">together with the specifications. In a nutshell, this key exchange function is based on DJB’s Curve25519 elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange. This algorithm does not rely on NIST-based curves and gives us more security confidence against a possible backdoor in nistp-256 curve.
Today is a big day for us because OpenSSH team approved my patch and made gro.h1553040574ssbil1553040574@652a1553040574hs-911553040574552ev1553040574ruc1553040574 the default key exchange !