libssh 0.4.0

This is a new major libssh release which provides new features, a cleaned up API interface and it will be typesafe for the future. We broke the API of serveral functions and added new ones so that we don’t have to break the API in future. You can find more information on this page. This version will be required by KDE SC 4.4 to get kio_sftp working.

This version of libssh has official Windows support. The KDE Windows team ensures that the library is correctly working with MinGW and MSVC. Thanks for this!

If you are new to libssh read the API reference how to get started. Please join our mailing list or visit our irc channel if you have questions.
You can download libssh 0.4.0 here. For Windows binaries we suggest to use the MSVC and MinGW binaries from the KDE Windows project here. Packages for Fedora are available here and for openSUSE here.


  • Added scp support.
  • Added support for sending signals (RFC 4254, section 6.9).
  • Added MSVC support.
  • Added support for ~/.ssh/config.
  • Added sftp extension support.
  • Added X11 forwarding support for client.
  • Added forward listening.
  • Added support for openssh extensions (statvfs, fstatvfs).
  • Added a cleaned up interface for setting options.
  • Added a generic way to handle sockets asynchronously.
  • Added logging of the sftp flags used to open a file.
  • Added full poll() support and poll-emulation for win32.
  • Added missing 64bit functions in sftp.
  • Added support for ~/ and SSH_DIR/ in filenames instead of %s/.
  • Fixed Fix channel_get_exit_status bug.
  • Fixed calltrace logging to make it optional.
  • Fixed compilation on Solaris.
  • Fixed resolving of ip addresses.
  • Fixed libssh compilation without server support.
  • Fixed possible memory corruptions (ticket #14).